My salesmen are driving me to drink

DAve dave.list at
Mon Oct 5 21:18:02 IST 2009

So I get a quote today that says we *already* sold "Email Redundancy" to 
a client.

The PHBs, uh salesmen, want me to to configure our MailScanner boxes to 
send one copy of a message to the client's exchange server and another 
to our pop toasters.

I already setup MailArchiva and have no idea why they did not quote that 
as a solution. I explained that they would need a separate delivery 
domain to copy the message to and I would have to keep a rules file with 
every user in it to accomplish this. They do not understand.

Other than using MailArchiva and copying per domain, is there anything 
other than

usera at copy usera at

That I can do with MailScanner to accomplish this?

Thanks (reaching for a bottle)

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