Debain Builds (Please Help soon)

Garrod Alwood admin at
Fri Oct 2 00:06:45 IST 2009

FYI, I was able to install the new Mailscanner by using alien on the
actual mailscanner rpm, which is inside the first rpm. It works great I
just have to do some updating of the Mailscanner.conf and everything will
work great.

>> I am using Ubuntu and I really really really want to use the new
> version
>> of mailscanner, but I already have it installed through the debian
>> packages and I would prefer just updating the debian packages, UNLESS
>> someone has another CLEAN method for me to remove old, install and run
>> then new mailscanner. I really need help on this. Thank you everyone
> in
>> advance.
>> --
> I'm sure one of the smarter folks on the list has a better answer - but
> just in case:
> Have you looked into using the package "alien" to simply create a deb
> from the rpm?
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