Mails getting stuck in hold dir by MailScanner

Dharmesh Shah dharmesh.shah at
Fri Nov 27 13:01:03 GMT 2009

Dear Team,

We are using MailScanner+postfix+Spamassassin on our server to receive 
incoming mails. Problem we are facing is many a times when mail hits on 
the server, once mail get in to the Hold dir by mailscanner, it takes 
longer time to deliver the same.
Mailscanner keeps the mail in hold dir and after say few minutes, some 
times hours later releases the mail for delivery. due to this 
inconsistency we face delay mail issue.

To overcome these issue, we also tried upgrading the mailscanner 
version. current version is 4.77... . Server has 4gb of physical memory 
8gb of swap memory.

We would request you to assist us on the same & how to come the 
mentioned above issue.

Thanks & Regards
Dharmesh Shah.

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