SOLVED in 7.2: Perl problems on FreeBSD (again)

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Fri Nov 27 09:48:59 GMT 2009

>I *think* I have found all the occurrences of this problem, and have 
>just released a new beta.
>If I have missed any, please do shout!


First of all thanks for the outstanding work on MailScanner.

I have a mailscanner server running with FreeBSD 8.0 with perl 5.10.0
and the latest MailScanner version in the FreeBSD ports system.
If i update or use a newly installed machine with perl 5.10.1 i got that

I just updated my perl from 5.10.0 to 5.10.1 and i still had that
I then updated my MailScanner to 4.79.3 and the problem seems to be
no more errors at startup !

Thanks again.
I do not know if this is also the case on perl 5.8.9, but on 5.10.1 it
now works.

Johan Hendriks

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