Quarantine behaviour

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net.au
Wed Nov 25 05:48:50 GMT 2009

Hi All,

Have happily been running MailScanner in front of 15k+ mailboxes for  
some time without issue, distributed over two physically diverse mail  
gateways. We have recently been looking at developing and offering a  
quarantine option to users, however obviously this presents the issue  
of needing to centralise the quarantine store. The last thing we want  
to do is to provide a value add service at the expense of our  
redundancy, so have been tasked with looking into what options we have  
available to us.

In a simple world we simply configure one gateway to store quarantined  
mail locally, the other to store to an NFS mount, in the event the  
first server dies - so be it, quarantine stops working, presumably  
mail will be dumped in a local directory and then I just have to pick  
it up and move it to the quarantine store once all is well again  
(Technically speaking the quarantine store will actually be a third  
box, most likely connected via iSCSI).

However I'm interested to hear if this is how others have actually  
seen MailScanner behave, or better yet - is there a cleaner suggestion  
out there, as I can't help but feel like this is a dirty hack.The  
other option that crossed my mind was to look at a MySQL file system,  
however seems like overkill.


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