2MX server Mailscanner solution.

mog lists at elasticmind.net
Tue Nov 24 15:25:27 GMT 2009

Lance Haig wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking to create a 2 server mx solution for my MailScanner
> environment.
> I have been reading the backlog on the list and have decided on a path.
> 1. Install 2 MS servers. 
> 2. Configure them to connect to a 3rd Mysql Db server.
> I will keep the config in sync by running rsync between the hosts.
> Does this seem like a good solution?
> Thanks
> Lance


I'm not sure why you need a MySQL DB for running MailScanner or that 
syncing config files automatically is wise. If a problem is accidentally 
introduced into one of the mail server's configuration files, it will 
automatically be replicated to the other one, possibly causing that to 
break as well.

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