Problem with check_MailScanner hourly Cron

Diane Rolland drolland at
Sun Nov 22 23:39:19 GMT 2009

Hi all,


I seem to have a problem on one of my servers with the check_MailScanner
hourly job.  If MailScanner is stopped it honors the lock
and the cron job says Not Restarting.  However, if I MailScanner is running
I get Starting MailScanner. Done in the cron notice.  Resultant problem is
that I end up with hundreds of MailScanner processes (1 master waiting for
children, and 5 waiting for messages - every hour).  So, it appears it isn't
seeing that MailScanner is already running and starts again.  And
MailScanner stop only stops the group associated with the .pid file, so I
end up having to manually kill the orphaned processes


I am running:

Linux Red Hat Enterprise AS release 4 (Nahant Update 8)

MailScanner 4.78.17


What could be wrong and what can I check?  I have had to take it out of the
cron.hourly directory, but I can recreate the issue by running the
check_MailScanner manually.


Thanks in Advance!


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