MailScanner hates Microsoft office

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Thu Nov 19 22:28:24 GMT 2009

>For some reason a lot of our office files are being held hostage by
MailScanner by the filetype filter for various reasons which to me dont
make any sense.

>These range from the file being identified as an executable to AVI

>When I do 'file -i' on it, it'll always show 'application/msword;


>So far i've tried setting 'unpack microsoft documents' to no and
removed 'ole' from the 'Archives Are' setting, but that did not change

>Am I overlooking anything ?





I have the same issue now, in my case i needed to add -i to the file
command in the mailscanner.conf file.
his solved it for me.

Johan Hendriks

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