OOM due to .xls files

Ramiro Blanco ramiblanco at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 21:44:39 GMT 2009

 the last few days i've been having trouble with my mailscanner setup.
The symptom
was that mail was sucking on the hold queue so i proceeded to check:

#MailScanner --debug

In Debugging mode, not forking...
Trying to setlogsock(unix)
Building a message batch to scan...
Have a batch of 10 messages.
Out of memory!

MailScanner -V showed nothing wierd, or at least no missing base module.

Running 'strace MailScanner --debug' showed me that MailScanner got stuck
everytime with the same file: somefile.xls right before the OOM

Given the number of mails that was already on hold i proceeded to move that
message of the way:
#postsuper -H 6F8094AE271

from that moment on, everything ran smoothly, at least until a day after
when the same holding-mails-symptom and OOM appeared again, and  by running
strace 'strace MailScanner --debug' i realized that the problem was, again,
another .xls file.
Care to note that both .xls files where < 40kb and free memory is not an
issue on the server.

Is this any known bug or something?


Ramiro Blanco
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