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Thu Nov 12 13:59:04 GMT 2009

2009/11/12 Monis Monther <mmmm82 at>:
> The link looks informative and would take me some time to read which I will
> do definitly , Thanks
> Also how can I do it qiuckly by command line, for example can I
> sendmail.postfix [options] filename ..etc
> Note: My MTA is postfix
> Thanks
Well, the answer is "it depends"...:-)
It sounds like your archive is by queue file, easily checked with the
file command (or any paginator, like less). To view the contents,
you'd then have to use the postcat command. To resend, simply adapt
the instructions for releasing messages from the quarantine as found
in the MS Wiki:
Instead of placing the queue file copy into the incoming folder, place
it in the hold folder (so that MailScanner icks it up and rescan
it)... Why? Because the archive will contain all messages _as is_...
So this is a safety thing;-).

-- Glenn
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