Why is this domain spoofing.

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:14:47 GMT 2009

2009/11/9 Robert Lopez <rlopezcnm at gmail.com>:
> I had the office of PTK that sent out the news letter send it to me at
> my Gmail address. The news letter has a lot of URL for addresses not
> at ptk.org. Perhaps that may be a part of the problem.  They then sent
> to my cnm.edu address the news letter as inline rather than as an
> attachment. That was delivered to me via one of the same email
> gateways that blocked all the previous email. That seems to mean the
> content checking for inline email is different from the content
> checking for attachments.
No, it just means you likely have
set to "no".

The behavior you see is normal, and possible to handle. Best would be
if teh sender cleaned up their HTML, exactly as Alex has been saying.

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