MCP doesn't work in 4.74?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at
Sat Nov 7 18:01:36 GMT 2009


I'm (still) trying to get MCP to work in MS 4.74.16, and continuing to fail.

My requirement is to identify emails which contain any word or phrase from a 
list of "banned words", and either modify the subject line to warn the 
recipient before they open the email, or else quarantine the email and bounce 
a message back to the recipient to tell them it hasn't been delivered.

I was advised on this list to use SpamAssassin Rule Actions instead of MCP, 
however I cannot see that it is possible to get it to do either of the above 
actions, and therefore SARA doesn't appear to do what I need.

I'm also using MailWatch on the machine, which gives a nice summary of MCP 
matches, whereas it doesn't tell me anything about SA Rule Actions, therefore 
MCP very much seems to be what I need (even if it is a bit inefficient).

I've used MCP before in earlier versions of MailScanner, and I believe I know 
how to write the appropriate SpamAssassin rule/s to pick up the emails I want 
to identify.  I've eliminated my ineptness at writing SA rules as a cause of 
the problem by using a slightly modified version of the GTUBE test as one of 
my "bad word" matches.

Putting the rules into a file ending in .cf in /etc/MailScanner/mcp (I've 
checked that this is the %mcp-dir% on this machine) and turning on MCP Checks 
(as well as Log MCP) does not work.

The log file shows me "MCP Checks: Starting", but that's it.  The rules do not 
appear to be used, the test emails certainly aren't matched, and I cannot see 
either how/where to debug this further, or what I've missed in trying to get 
it working.

Please can someone either tell me:

 - MCP is known to be broken in 4.74, so I stand no chance of getting it 

 - MCP works in 4.74, with an example of how to make it work

 - how to debug MCP to see where it's falling over in my configuration

I'm using 4.74.16 because that's the current Debian package.  If I need to 
install something more recent I can, but it's not such a clean solution for 
future maintenance, so I'd want to be sure it'll solve my problem before I 
install from a non-packaged version.

I hope someone can help,


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