MailScanner Overload...

Michael Masse mrm at
Tue Nov 3 19:07:35 GMT 2009

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be my bayes expiration cleanup script that was supposed to run everyday wasn't and so the bayes database got huge over months and months of no expirations.    This caused SA to just take forever on each message and incoming queues would just pile up during the day when it got busy.   


>>> On 11/3/2009 at 12:31 PM, in message <36AEF7A71719452FB1E5E466F4A296A1 at GCPNB3>,
"Clay Goss" <claygoss at> wrote:
> I am having fits with a mail server running MailScanner.  For many a year
> now, it has just hummed along without much fuss - about 1 year ago, I
> doubled the RAM after it got sluggish, but lately...  I restart it - all
> seems well, but after 12 to 48 hours, it comes to its knees.  The box is
> marginal - I'm building a new one, but for now, I need to keep this one up.
> When things have gone south, I find:
> The named server has crashed out....
> SpamAssassin is timing out, being killed and restarted...
> I have many "MailScanner" and "sendmail" processes running, to the point
> that I must execute "service MailScanner stop" 4, 5, 6 times to get all the
> MailScanner instances stopped and then "service sendmail stop" a few times
> to stop all of those.  Then I can restart everything and its good for
> another 12 to 48.

> Thank you,
> Clay Goss

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