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Sun Nov 1 15:57:15 GMT 2009

On Sunday 01 November 2009 12:58, Monis Monther wrote:

> Ok, so now this is clear to me that its not Mailscanner but how am I
> supposed to stop spam coming out from my users, where do I need to
> configure this, Thanks

Firstly define what specific things you want to block in emails.
Then create some SpamAssassin rules (if you're not sure how to do this, look 
at the copious examples in /usr/share/spamassassin, or wherever your distro 
puts the SA ruleset), not forgetting to include the "score"s for each rule.

The score which a message has to reach to be marked (by MailScanner) as Spam 
is "Required SpamAssassin Score" in MailScanner.conf.  Rule scores are 
cumulative, so two rules which match an email, valued at 2.7 each, will score 

For further guidance on these rules I suggest the SpamAssassin documentation 
and mailing list.



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