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Monis Monther mmmm82 at
Sun Nov 1 11:25:13 GMT 2009

I need help please:

Its been a week I cant make mailscanner workcorrectly, I am sure its a
simple thing that I am aware off , anyway

I installed MailScanner on CentOS 5.2 Postfix as SMTP and its working as a
mailgateway, any mail that comes is sent to out main mai server, up to here
all is fine

Now the problem is I tried to test my spam settings so I sent a message by
using the mail command from the same machine and also by a telnet command
from another machine in the network , both mails contain nothing but the
words sex , porn, viagra nude, and they all pass by as if there is nothing
wrong with them??

Under /var/log/maillog I see the messages get scanned , scanning new batch,
spamassassin ...etc and they get a score like 0.456 and pass by as non spam,
please anyone what am I missing here.

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