cannot send or receive mail

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed May 20 17:47:46 IST 2009

on 5-19-2009 9:03 PM Dave Filchak spake the following:
> Scott Silva responded:
>> >
>> > Upon restart of MailScanner, it seems to start but MailWatch seems
>> to be
>> > dead. However, I can still not send or receive emails.
>> >
>> > Anyone see anything that might give me a hint?
>> >
>> > Dave
>> >
>> If you stop mysql, does the socket file go away?
>> If not you have a dead socket file. Delete it and restart mysql and
>> see if it
>> comes back.
>> Otherwise it sounds like one of the databases might be corrupt.
> Scott, when I stop mysql the socket file goes away and comes back when I
> start it again. So, you mentioned a corrupt database. How would I test
> for this?
> Dave
> Gives some details for
Mysql 5.1. If you have an older version, navigate to the same place in the
older docs.

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