OT sendmail wildcard aliases

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Mon May 18 20:19:33 IST 2009

Steve Campbell wrote:
> I've done a little research on my own, but am not understanding what 
> all I've read. I've got a request to set up all email that goes to 
> userXX at mydomain.com to go to user at mydomain.com. (The XX is a random 
> number between 00-99.
> How would this be done and in which table should I place it if it's 
> do-able?
> Thanks
> Steve Campbell

To make this simpler for the group of people here, is there a way to do 
this in MailScanner (hadn't thought of that during the first post)? I 
don't want to whitelist them, so putting them in spam.whitelist .rules 
is not an optionl. Does MS have a generic place to put things like this 
for this situation? Creating the rulesets, etc for sendmail seems 
overkill, but might work better.

Something maybe like

To:   user[0-9][0-9] /@mydomain.com  user at mydomain.com

Not sure that's the proper syntax, and I don't think it would cover 
user4 either, but where might I put this to still get just the redirection?




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