Using archive rule for spam gathering?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at
Sun May 17 20:25:37 IST 2009

On my quest to fight spam i would like to feed sa-learn with more 
guaranteed positives.

I have some mail servers that relay e-mail for a domain for which those 
servers never locally receive mail. Under that domain however there are several 
addresses that are not active anymore for some years but still do get lots 
and lots o spam.

Is using an archive rule a good idea to 'snatch' these mails from the flow 
and send them to my local spam box?

I would use a rule like this :
Fromorto:	gimmesome at	spam at

I would prefer delivering it to the spam box immediately (similar 
like using a .forward rule but this obviously doesn't work when 
mail is not delivered locally. Will using the archive rule create an 
endless loop resulting in storm of more and more e-mails or is there 
another (better) way?

Is there anything other i need to consider? Should i white or blacklist 


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