MailScanner 4.77.3 fails to scan some messages

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu May 14 17:19:35 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote:
>On 11/05/2009 23:32, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Now I see the above analysis is probably wrong. I just received another
>>> unscanned message. Headers are attached as scanned2.txt and
>>> unscanned2.txt. Here again, I was able to get the message to be
>>> scanned by removing a Received: header, but the header I removed
>>> doesn't have any 'special' IP address in it.
>> Further information. I replaced with the one from 4.76.24
>> and the problem is gone.
>Thanks for that info, it greatly helped. Fixed in 4.77.4 which I have 
>just released.

The fix in 4.77.4 goes too far. With that fix, my scan messages rules

# localhost
From: no
From: no

are not effective, and all messages are scanned.

Note I have

Read IP Address From Received Header = no

in MailScanner.conf

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