How are you catching these spam

Andrews Carl 448 Carl.Andrews at
Thu May 14 17:16:32 IST 2009

Both clamdscan and clamscan found Sanesecurity.Spam.ldb.14.UNOFFICIAL

Very strange.

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Andrews Carl 448 wrote:
> Ok.
> Yep, one config pointed to /tmp/clamd.socket but another pointed to 
> /tmp/clamd so I changed them both to /tmp/clamd and that is where it 
> is placed. Using clamd (which I will switch back to) I am getting hits

> on other Sanesecurity.* but not the Sanesecurity.Spam.ldb.14 - and 
> possibly others. I have searched the system and I only see the 
> sanesecurity files in the two places I think they are supposed to be. 
> Could I have done something to make clamd and clamscan react
differently to the same file?

clamdscan messagefile  (note the "d" in the middle)

give the same result  as

clamscan messagefile

That might tell you if it is a MailScanner config problem or a Clamd

Mark Nienberg
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