How are you catching these spam

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> Silly me.
> Yep, I get a hit when I scan the enitre message file but there are no
> records in the log file for email that shows any hits to
> Sanesecurity.Spam.ldb.14 but there are other Sanesecurity entries.
> What have I goofed up so that from the 'clamscan MESSAGE' will work but
> not when MailScanner runs it?
> I have sanesecurity files in /var/cache/sanesecurity and
> /usr/local/share/clamav.
> I am using clamd, should I switch to clamav or clamavmodule?
> Thanks again,
> Carl

Make sure the entire message is being scanned, for instance in

ClamAV Full Message Scan = yes

It sounds suspiciously like clamd is not getting the entire message. Also
make sure the clamd.conf line

#ScanMail yes

Is not set to no, the default is to scan mail.


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