How are you catching these spam

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Is there a spamassassin plugin I need to enable for this to work? I
placed this in a file in /etc/mail/spamassassin and when I run
spamassassin -D --lint I see that it is loading the file but
'spamassassin -t < spammy_email_message' does not return a spam report

I updated the score line to be "score MIME_PNG_IMAGE_ONLY	4.01"
but that did not get any hits either.

Thanks again!!!

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> The two attached png's are samples of what we are getting as spam. The

> message has a random subject and the attachment name apears to be 
> random with nothing in the body of the message.

I've had some success with a borrowed rule, modified to check for PNG
images only (as they all seem to be in this format at the moment):

header          __CTYPE_MULTIPART_MXD           Content-Type =~  
mimeheader      __ANY_TEXT_ATTACH               Content-Type =~  
mimeheader      __MIME_PNG_ATTACH               Content-Type =~  
meta            MIME_PNG_IMAGE_ONLY          (__CTYPE_MULTIPART_MXD &&  
score           MIME_PNG_MAGE_ONLY          4.01
describe        MIME_PNG_IMAGE_ONLY          PNG format image body part

and no text body parts


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