Too Large or Too small or neither?????

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue May 12 09:31:35 IST 2009

Fixed in 4.77.4 which I have just released.

On 11/05/2009 19:15, Julian Field wrote:
> On 11/05/2009 18:44, Michael Masse wrote:
>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>> I'll need to take a look at this, and try a 0-byte attachment and see
>>>> what happens.
>>>> To disable the tests, set
>>>> Maximum Attachment Size = -1
>>>> Minimum Attachment Size = -1
>>>> Please read the docs carefully and ensure you are setting the values
>>>> appropriately.
>>>> What is the precise case that you think it is handling incorrectly?
>>>> Jules
>>> I don't think testing it with a 0 byte attachment will help much,
>>> because a 0 byte attachment *should* get blocked when the min size is
>>> set to 1.   The problem I'm having on 3 separate servers since 
>>> upgrading
>>> to 4.76 is that it's blocking on the attachment rule even when there is
>>> no attachment.   I'm not exactly sure how to proceed because one 
>>> part of
>>> the error message says the attachment is too large, and another part
>>> says it's too small.  Regardless there is no attachment so those errors
>>> are just unintentional red herrings.  I have looked at numerous 
>>> messages
>>> in the quarantine and cannot find anything that gives away why it 
>>> thinks
>>> they have attachments to begin with.
>>> Like I said, I have been using MS for a number of years, have done
>>> numerous upgrades, have had the min attachment size setting at the
>>> default of 1 byte since it was available and have never had a problem
>>> before upgrading to 4.76.   I just upgraded another server last night
>>> and made sure it wasn't having this problem before the upgrade, and as
>>> soon as I started MS after the upgrade it started having the same
>>> problem.  I can provide more from the quarantine at if the
>>> original data I posted is not enough.
>>> Oh, and again: MailScanner --lint says no errors.
>> Latest Update:
>> This problem really seems to me like a bug in 4.76.24-3.  I can 
>> reproduce this attachement size problem on every 4.76.24-3 system I 
>> can get my hands on with a specific df/qf file combo that has NO 
>> attachment associated with it.   I've tried 3 more completely 
>> different systems with very different configs and it always fails.   
>> If I stick this same df/qf file pair into the on any 4.74 
>> or 4.75 system, it processes them correctly.
>> I have posted a culprit df file at:
>> Even after trying to sanitize the user's real info, this very file 
>> will still cause an attachment size error.  If you look at the file, 
>> you can see that there is nothing in it telling the system that there 
>> is an attachment associated with the email, yet mailscanner still 
>> trips on it saying that the attachment size is both too big and too 
>> small.
>> The problem seems to be related to whitespace in the original file, 
>> because if I paste the text from that very pastebin back into a new 
>> df file, and then send it through, it will process correctly.
>> If you would like me to send an actual problematic df/qf file pair so 
>> you can reproduce this yourself, I would be more then willing to do so.
> Please zip up a qf+df pair and mail it to me off-list at 
> mailscanner at
> Jules


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