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On 11/05/2009 21:03, Paul Lemmons wrote:
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> Subject: Validating Email addresses
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> Date: 05/06/2009 01:57 AM
>> On 05/05/2009 18:55, Paul Lemmons wrote:
>>> We are getting a great deal of Spam bypassing both Postini and Mail 
>>> Scanner due to a discrepancy between how these two products define 
>>> an email address and the way Exchange does. The two scanning 
>>> products recognize emails with a pipe character "|" at the beginning 
>>> of the address as both valid and part of the email address. I 
>>> believe this is in line with the email standards. Exchange, othe the 
>>> other hand simply ignores the character. So a message sent to 
>>> me at and |me at are seen as two different addresses 
>>> by the scanning systems and as a single address by Exchange.
>> Set "Reject Messages" to point to a ruleset, and have a ruleset that 
>> looks roughly like this:
>> FromOrTo: /^\|/ yes
>> FromOrTo: default no
>> and MailScanner will reject messages coming from or going to an 
>> address starting with a pipe character.
>> Simple as that.
>> Remember to "service MailScanner reload" after changing the ruleset 
>> and MailScanner.conf file.
>> Jules
> I have tried this and now I am getting a new message in my log....
> MailScanner[5583]: Cannot match against destination IP address when 
> resolving configuration option "rejectmessage"
> # cat reject-messages.conf
> FromOrTo: /^\|/ yes
> FromOrTo: default no
> Any thoughts?
As your regexp doesn't contain any alphabetic characters, its heuristic 
code for deducing the pattern type is going wrong. If you change it to 
something like "/^\|[a-z0-9]/" then it is more likely to work.


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