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Gerhard Mourani a écrit :
> Hello, I want to allow file extension -> IMPORT.ADX to MailScanner. 
> I've edited -> 'filename.rules.conf' and added -> allow \.adx$ - - 
> without success. When the attachment gets blocked, this is the message 
> I receive -> Report: No programs allowed (IMPORT.ADX).
> Running the "file" command on the attachement returns the following 
> result:
> file 
> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20090507/1680C2AFF0.C72B7/IMPORT.ADX
> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20090507/1680C2AFF0.C72B7/IMPORT.ADX: 
> VMS Alpha executable
> According to guys on the MailScanner IRC Chanel, this happen because 
> it's getting blocked not by 'filename.rules.conf' but by 
> 'filetype.rules.conf' based on the results of the 'file' command and 
> the recommendation to fix the problem is to add a new mime type to get 
> file to report it as another file type.
> Check the 'filetype.rules.conf' file itself. It supposedly has info on 
> how to use/modify it in the comments at the beginning but 
> unfortunately I don't see nothing and don't know which kind of line to 
> add inside this file (filetype.rules.conf) to make file extension with 
> ADX to be allowed.
> My question is: Can soneone here know the line/syntax to add inside 
> 'filetype.rules.conf' to make MailScanner allow *.ADX file extension 
> to pass?


Add the following to filetype.rules.conf:
allow<TAB>VMS Alpha executable<TAB>-<TAB>-

Replace <TAB> by a real TAB character and then reload MS.

Or you could modify "Allow Filetypes =" in MailScanner.conf.


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