Spam Reduction on a New Server

Thom Paine painethom at
Mon May 11 16:22:55 IST 2009

I just deplyed a new CentOS 5.3 server that run mail where I work.
Spam had been steadily increasing over the past few weeks and it was
due for new hardware anyways so I have the conversion all done.

I installed the latest mailscanner and the sa and the clamd files and
things are working well.

I haven't installed any rbl's as some of my older ones fomr the old
server are likely outdated.

Does anyone have a list of a couple that are working well? I'm still
getting some spam thru and likely need to tune things a bit. My old
server I was using milters a bit.

Any recommendations I should implement? I don't want to make alot of
changes all at once, but one at a time until I have it working really


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