MailScanner on Fedora SIG (Special Interest Group)

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Sat May 9 15:31:42 IST 2009

Nathan Olson <naolson at> wrote:
> Why in the world would you want to run a production service on a
> distribution used specifically for testing?

Eh? Fedora is a production-ready distro (so long as you avoid the beta  
releases, of course!) and is designed and run as such. But there's no  
point in arguing about distros, we've done that and you aren't going to  
change any minds :)

There are a lot of people using Fedora on servers, as I have from when it  
was called RedHat Linux.  Even if you think we're all mad, I think it's a  
Good Idea to make it easy for them to make use of MailScanner: both to  
reduce spam and because they might buy Julian's book :) You also get to  
benefit because we make sure MailScanner works with recent Perl versions,  
on the OS that RHEL is based on.


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