John Wilcock john at
Thu May 7 09:41:41 IST 2009

Hi Julian

I'm in the process of updating my gentoo ebuild for 4.76.24, and note 
that there's one new file in the tarball: bin/getPERLLIB.
Is this script actually used by MailScanner, or is it just there as a 
testing tool? (In other words, do I actually need to have the ebuild 
install it?)

Also, I made the following request just before you went stable with 
4.76, but you didn't reply on the list at the time and I assume it got 
lost in the noise...

> Your update_bad_phishing_sites script stores its working data as a
> subdirectory of the quarantine directory, which results in a spurious
> "hi/ng/phis" date being reported in MailWatch's list of quarantine
> directories, and also requires you to implement a workaround to stop
> this subdirectory being deleted by the quarantine cleaning script.
> Simply shifting to the SpamAssassin User State Directory instead
> would avoid both these problems.

Any chance of changing this for a future release?


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