SV: SV: Perl problems on Fedora 9 SOLVED

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Thu May 7 09:03:20 IST 2009

> No, perhaps not, but if it's easy to do a system-check in the beginning  
> of the install-script and if that check turns back Fedora 9 it would be  
> nice if the script interrupt and says "Fedora 9 is not supported.  
> Installation aborted". That would be a better solution than continuing  
> with a lot of errors. But as you said - it must be a minor problem since  
> Fedora 9 is at the end of life :-)

I disagree that it should abort the installation. It could possibly warn  
that Fedora isn't supported any more, but it should continue if required.  
The errors are very useful to tell me what needs fixing, MailScanner does  
still work on Fedora, and FC9 is still supported (and widely used).


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