SV: Perl problems on Fedora 9 SOLVED

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Thu May 7 08:10:26 IST 2009

> I'll have to do a test with Fedora 9 and see how to resolve the  
> problems, in case a similar solution is needed as for Fedora 10. But  
> there can't be many people using Fedora 9 any more, it must be near  
> end-of-life.
> Is it worth my while?

Quite probably not, but I'm sure us Fedora users can manage to investigate  
and sort things. If it's an easy tweak to the install script then you  
could consider adding it. The beauty of open-source code :)

It's not like Fedora is binary incompatible or anything - it's just  
working out which packages need installing in what order. Luckily Fedora  
has pretty up-to-date packages for a lot of Perl modules, all  
pre-compiled, so by making sure they're there (using yum from the standard  
repos) before installing MailScanner seems to work fine.

I might just start a page on the wiki...


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