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David Lee t.d.lee at
Wed May 6 15:18:51 IST 2009

Julian: An observation, relatively minor, about the new message processing 

There is an associated hourly cron job 'processing_messages_alert' which 
sends notifications using the 'Notices To' setting of 'MailScanner.conf'.

This happens even if the config file says 'Send Notices = no'.  And that 
doesn't seem right.

Historically, these notification settings were originally concerned with 
virus processing but are now, in effect, being deployed beyond that 
original scope.

I can see two reasonably straightforward resolutions:
  1. Adjust comments in MS.conf to include expanded scope.

  2. Consider different sets of notification definitions for different
     classes of events: e.g. existing set 'as-is' for viruses;  a new set
     for the message-db; (then another new set for the next feature, etc.).

The first is very easy for you to implement, but imposes a "one size has 
to fit all" behaviour.  The second allows a site to tailor different 
notification levels for different classes of events.  (Might some sort of 
'ruleset'-like capability assist?)

P.S. We have now rolled out "4.76.24-3" on the majority of our gateways 
and it is going well.  Thanks.


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