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> Our CIO (of all people) is trying to send a PowerPoint 2007 document and
> it is getting rejected. It turns out that the .pptx file is really a zip
> archive and within that archive there is a file named "0000.dat" which
> is getting identified as a DOS executable. When I extract the file and
> run the file command against it I get the following:
> $ file  0000.dat
> 0000.dat: DOS executable (device driver) for DOS
> $ file -i 0000.dat
> 0000.dat: text/plain charset=iso-8859-1
> When I look at the file itself, it appears to be a bunch of binary zeros.
> I have tried to to add the following line to the filetypes.rules file:
> allow   -               text\/plain             -                       -
> allow   -               text/plain              -                       -
> with no success.
> I also tried adding  the following line to the filenames.rules file:
> allow   \.dat$                  -       -
> with no success.
> And to save time on an obvious question or two, Yes, I am using tabs
> between fields and Yes I am restarting MailScanner after an update.
> I am hoping that it is something very simple that I am missing. Any
> assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You are going to have to pass it in the flietype rules as well. And you
should be able to handle this failry easily with the latest version of MS
and you won't have to allow raw files of this type through. The latest
version allows you to apply rules specific to files within archives, and I
think even speficy the type of archive to unarchive for checks as well.


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