Validating Email addresses

Paul Lemmons paul.lemmons at
Tue May 5 18:55:43 IST 2009

We are getting a great deal of Spam bypassing both Postini and Mail 
Scanner due to a discrepancy between how these two products define an 
email address and the way Exchange does. The two scanning products 
recognize emails with a pipe character "|" at the beginning of the 
address as both valid and part of the email address. I believe this is 
in line with the email standards. Exchange, othe the other hand simply 
ignores the character. So a message sent to me at and 
|me at are seen as two different addresses by the scanning 
systems and as a single address by Exchange.

I have tried with minimal success to check for the pipe using sendmail 
rules. I have it stopped but it is stopping more than it should. I would 
like to stop it with MailScanner. I have tried what appears to be 
obvious to me but so far I have not hit upon the magic combination of 
options to make this work. Has anyone else encountered this situation 
and come up with a solution?
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