filetype rules and pptx files

Paul Lemmons paul.lemmons at
Tue May 5 18:44:49 IST 2009

Our CIO (of all people) is trying to send a PowerPoint 2007 document and 
it is getting rejected. It turns out that the .pptx file is really a zip 
archive and within that archive there is a file named "0000.dat" which 
is getting identified as a DOS executable. When I extract the file and 
run the file command against it I get the following:

$ file  0000.dat
0000.dat: DOS executable (device driver) for DOS

$ file -i 0000.dat
0000.dat: text/plain charset=iso-8859-1

When I look at the file itself, it appears to be a bunch of binary zeros.

I have tried to to add the following line to the filetypes.rules file:

allow   -               text\/plain             -                       -
allow   -               text/plain              -                       -

with no success.

I also tried adding  the following line to the filenames.rules file:

allow   \.dat$                  -       -

with no success.

And to save time on an obvious question or two, Yes, I am using tabs 
between fields and Yes I am restarting MailScanner after an update.

I am hoping that it is something very simple that I am missing. Any 
assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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