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Martin Hepworth maxsec at gmail.com
Tue May 5 16:48:43 IST 2009

more of a mailwatch question, but make sure the db_clean.php is running with
the appropriate number of days - you may wish to reduce the default of 60
days down a little (and make sure the require line at the start of the
script points to the correct place to start with!)

Also make sure the quarantine is cleared out correctly if you're using that
in mailscanner (again see the tools dir)

2009/5/5 Simon Jones <simonmjones at gmail.com>

> what's the best way to reduce the size of the db, currently i have
> over 6 mil records and the search and stuff is slow as a turd :(  i
> run dbclean.php on a cron but the site of the db, in particular the
> maillog table are mahoosive...  anyone point me to some docs or have
> any tips?
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