mailscanner whitelist (SQLWhitelist)

Ken A ka at
Tue May 5 14:26:20 IST 2009

Miguel Angel Nieto wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the whitelists configured with MailWatch:
> Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist
> Mailscanner reads the whitelist:
> May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Whitelist refresh time
> reached 
> May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Starting up SQL Whitelist 
> May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Read 89 whitelist entries 
> But Mailscanner scans the message with Spamassassin, and It shouldn't
> happen.
> What i'm doing wrong?

Nothing. That is normal behavior. Whitelisting does not exclude a 
message from SA scanning. It doesn't apply the MailScanner SA rules to 
the message, so even if it scores above your 'high' threshold, it will 
not be spam tagged or quarantined or whatever.

If you want to exclude a message from scanning, you need to use the "Use 
SpamAssassin" instead, or even "Spam Checks". Read the config file.


> Thank you.
> Mailscanner version: 4.55.10-3

Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet -

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