Measuring the time it takes to process one message or batch

infernix infernix at
Tue May 5 11:59:30 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote:
>> I'd like to be able to test this on the live setup just as 
>> spamassassin can. As far as i can tell, MailScanner --lint only does 
>> internal checking and does not actually support processing a message 
>> or batch of messages.
> Do "MailScanner --help" and you will find the "--debug" and "--debug-sa" 
> switches, among others.

I know about those, but:

-lint: Test the configuration and report errors.

-debug: Run MailScanner in debug-mode. In debug-mode MailScanner doesn't 
spawn childrens and produce a lot of output. Can be compined with -debug-sa.

-debug-sa: Run the spamassassine module inside MailScanner in 
debug-mode. Warning: This option doesn't stop MailScanner from spawning 
children! Can be combined with -debug.

These options will just spawn MailScanner as normal, possibly not 
forked, but with much more output. This is not the equivalent of 
'spamassassin -D < spammail', because MailScanner in debug mode will 
just load the MailScanner.conf that is used in production and start 
processing the configured queue directory. There is also no option to 
specify some alternative config. It's not possible to run it in debug 
mode while the live mailscanner processes continue on as normal, nor is 
it possible to let it process one mail (or batch) by pointing it to a 
file (or directory).

So my question still stands; is there a way to let MailScanner process 
one (batch of) messages in debug mode *without* having it affect the 
running (live) mailscanner process? Because right now the only way I can 
see this happening is if I copy the MailScanner binary to 
MailScannerTest and start modifying paths so that it runs with its own 
unique config files, which is a real hassle for obvious reasons.


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