Changelog 3/5/2009 New in Version 4.76.24-3

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Tue May 5 11:52:28 IST 2009

> Quotting from th changelog
> "24-3 ExtUtils-MakeMaker will not build on Fedora 10 x86_64 as it stands.
> 24-3 Fedora 10 needs Test-Simple first, RHEL5 and CentOS 5 need  
> Math-BigInt
>      first. Great :-(
> 24-3 Fedora Core 10 is no longer officially supported. The RPM Perl build
>      system is fundamentally broken. Take Pod-Escapes as a fine example,  
> it
>      cannot build without Pod-Simple. But Pod-Simple cannot build without
>      Pod-Escapes. I quit."
> Please don't quit.
> I installed everything relatively correctly with version 4.76.24-3


> ----------------------------------
> Building perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
> ----------------------------------
> Fedora provides a version of the module version 6.36. This module and  
> perl-devel must be installed. You might need to reinstall perl-devel. I  
> did that. Up to package version 2 perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker would not  
> install due to a conflict with perl-devel. It now installs fine.

The perlExtUtils-MakeMaker provided with MailScanner built and installed  
fine on my FC10 machine, replacing the 6.36 provided by Fedora with the  
6.50 provided by MailScanner.

> --------------------------
> Building Perl-Pod-Simple
> --------------------------
> No need. Both packages are provided by Fedora. perl-Pod-Escapes 1.04 and  
> perl-Pod-Simple 3.07

For reference, I needed to remove these package requirements from the top  
of MailScanner's (so it didn't uninstall them for me, causing  
the build to fail). Instead I installed them using yum from the standard  
Fedora repositories:


I now have MailScanner 4.76.24-3 running happily on FC10, having upgraded  
 from the pre-RPM-rebuild version 4.74.16.

Jules, am I right in saying that the next few upgrades won't do the  
uninstall of RPMs now that I've done this upgrade step? In which case  
MailScanner should upgrade quite happily on my machine without tweaking  
the script next time.


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