What can cause really low spamassassin scores on obvious spam & GTUBE

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Tue May 5 00:45:25 IST 2009

I've got 2 servers that are almost identical except one is rating very
obvious spam very low (ie. less then 1) then other is fine event the GTUBE
test was getting past spamassassin and was being picked up by clamav.

I tried updating the low rating server to 4.75.11-1 to no effect

both servers are using sendmail as the MTA, spamassassin & clamav.

The low rating server was running as a standalone sendmail/spamassassin
server for quiet some time before being installed as a MailScanner server.

Can anyone please suggest some setting to check, I'm at a loss why this is



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