Changelog 3/5/2009 New in Version 4.76.24-3

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Mon May 4 20:41:26 IST 2009

2009/5/4 Eli Wapniarski <eli at>:
> On Monday 04 May 2009 19:30:20 Julian Field wrote:
> Maybe a dumb question. Is there any reason why MailScanner cannot be
> packaged and distributed within the various distributions themselves. For
> example, with Fedora if the Mailscanner would be packaged correctly then the
> dependancies would have to be built as well and simply downloaded and
> installed as well. Nobody would have to build anything as the build systems
> for the various distros would do the job. You wouldn't have to worry about
> arch issues or whether or not there would be a conflict etc. This is a great
> tool in the fight against spam and mail borne malware. More people should be
> made aware of the product and having the distros themselves distribute the
> applicaiton might help spread the word better.
> Eli
Historically, and looking to keep being so, MailScanner has been a bit
too volatile for most distros. Not that there haven't been attempts
(like the horrid debian thing), and some quite successful (the FreeBSD
one, as long as JP has (or rather had) the time/energy:)... Keeping up
with the bad boys (and gals) as well as Jules... involves a bit of
But basically there's nothing stopping any enterprising soul from
submitting it all to their favourite packagers/distributors. Don't
expect Jules to have time for it though... Believe it or not, but he
has a day job too:-). And the different distributions all have very
different takes on version freezing etc so... might not work that well
with Jules schedule.
There have been numerous efforts. Still. The only One True release is
the one (or rather two or three) packages Jules release.
There's also a bit of philosophical pondering to do here... Can youu
(and your users) live with the lag of repackaging?
I don't.

-- Glenn
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