Changelog 3/5/2009 New in Version 4.76.24-3

Julian Field MailScanner at
Mon May 4 17:30:20 IST 2009

On 04/05/2009 06:35, Eli Wapniarski wrote:
> Hi
> Quotting from th changelog
> "24-3 ExtUtils-MakeMaker will not build on Fedora 10 x86_64 as it stands.
> 24-3 Fedora 10 needs Test-Simple first, RHEL5 and CentOS 5 need 
> Math-BigInt
> first. Great :-(
> 24-3 Fedora Core 10 is no longer officially supported. The RPM Perl build
> system is fundamentally broken. Take Pod-Escapes as a fine example, it
> cannot build without Pod-Simple. But Pod-Simple cannot build without
> Pod-Escapes. I quit."
> Please don't quit.
> I installed everything relatively correctly with version 4.76.24-3
> ----------------------------------
> Building perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
> ----------------------------------
> Fedora provides a version of the module version 6.36. This module and 
> perl-devel must be installed. You might need to reinstall perl-devel. 
> I did that. Up to package version 2 perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker would not 
> install due to a conflict with perl-devel. It now installs fine.
> --------------------------
> Building Perl-Pod-Simple
> --------------------------
> No need. Both packages are provided by Fedora. perl-Pod-Escapes 1.04 
> and perl-Pod-Simple 3.07
Yes, I haven't quite quit, just upgrades on Fedora 10 won't always be 
very smooth. I did get a clean install on a fresh Fedora 10 box to work 
eventually. But upgrading from version prior to MailScanner 4.76 are 
probably best done like this:
Back up /etc/MailScanner.
rpm -e mailscanner
./ fast
Use upgrade_MailScanner_conf and upgrade_languages_conf to get the new 
options into your MailScanner.conf and copy over your 
/etc/MailScanner/rules directory and 
/etc/MailScanner/file{name,type}.rules.conf from your backup.

The MailScanner installer will, by default, detect an upgrade from a 
version prior to 4.76.11 (it's about that). If it finds it, it will 
remove each perl module RPM before installing the new one even if that 
version of the module is already installed but by a different RPM. This 
makes it install all the updated RPMs I developed over Easter so that 
nothing clashes with Perl yum updates any more and no modules are 
"forced" to install.

This procedure doesn't work well on Fedora 10 as their perl build setup 
is so horribly broken. So you are better off wiping the mailscanner RPM 
and doing an from that state, so it thinks it is a fresh 
install and not an upgrade.

If I could find a better solution, I would. You shouldn't be running 
production servers on Fedora anyway if you can *possibly* avoid it, so 
I'm not too worried about making Fedora less than comfortable, it's a 
fairly small subset of users.

The important thing was to solve the CentOS issues and make it trivial 
to "yum update" the whole machine without MailScanner breaking the process.
> Eli
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