MailScanner slowwing down

Nigel Kendrick support-lists at
Fri May 1 09:38:16 IST 2009

>I was looking at those yesterday because I was running the load average up
to 10 or 12 in spurts. My box has a Sempron 2200 and a gig of RAM, so it
does swap when it gets busy. 
>I can upgrade to a machine that's half again faster with twice the memory
for the same monthly fee, but I'd have to run both during the transition and
it would take a ton of 
>time to move everything over. (It's a webserver for a couple of dozen
domains and my secondary name server.)

May not be relevant here, but I had a box that slowed down last week. It was
a P4 3GHz unit with only 768MB RAM and I had just upgraded it to the latest
MailScanner download. I was getting a similar load average and lots of
swapping. First off I noticed that the bitdefender update script was hogging
over half the RAM when it kicked in so I turned it off, but since I was at
the machine anyway, I did a yum update (it's running CentOS4). This updated
quite a lot, but also messed up a MailScanner perl dependency, so I
reinstalled  MailScanner from Julian's script and ever since then the
server's been running fine and still with only 768MB RAM.


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