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> Subject: Re: Received: header and Mark Unscanned Message problem
>> On 3/27/09 12:24 AM, vg_us at wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> I have a problem delivering to one of the sites: mail gets rejected 
>>> because "Not scanned: please contact your Internet E-Mail Service 
>>> Provider for details" added to Received: header is not RFC compliant 
>>> (according to that site's postmaster).
>> Something's wrong in that case, MailScanner should never touch any 
>> Received: header, under the default shipped settings. That text 
>> should go in the X-MailScanner: header where it is legit.
>>> When I disable Mark Unscanned Messages and set "Unscanned Header 
>>> Value =", mailscanner still inserts a "," after original header and 
>>> my mail is rejected again.
>>> Is there any way to make sure mailscanner doesn't touch Received: 
>>> header at all?
>> Please try it with a default MailScanner.conf and see if it still 
>> does it. It shouldn't, and I don't believe it does on other people's 
>> systems.
> we'll do. is it possible this happened because of config file format 
> changes between my rpm upgrades?
That shouldn't cause it, no.


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