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Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Mar 26 17:38:53 GMT 2009

on 3-26-2009 2:44 AM Tom Weber spake the following:
> Am Donnerstag, den 26.03.2009, 09:08 +0000 schrieb Martin Hepworth:
>> Tom
>> from memory this was a problem with Greg's syslog.conf setup.
> Not afair. Greg also claimed that MailScanner suddenly started logging
> as local3 not mail. 
> One may be able to work around this by redirecting local3 in syslog.conf
> which is what he probably did.
> His Logs and mine below clearly show that MailScanner logging comes with
> wrong facility into syslog.
> This might be some perl or perl module weirdness below MailScanner, but
> it's definitely not a config problem with syslog.
> I suspect that things (open files / handles) get messed up while forking
> the childs. I'm not good enough at perl and deep enough into MailScanner
> to dig through this though.
>   Tom
>> 2009/3/26 Tom Weber <l_mailscanner at>:
>>> Hello,
>>> last month there was a thread from Greg Deputy about Mailscanner not
>>> logging correctly to syslog. While Greg probably worked around his
>>> problem, I think it still exists.
>>> On debian lenny with Mailscanner from testing (4.74.16-1) I get logging
>>> like this:
>>> 1,6,Mar 26 01:06:18,MailScanner: MailScanner setting GID to postfix (333)
>>> 1,6,Mar 26 01:06:18,MailScanner: MailScanner setting UID to postfix (333)
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner version 4.74.16 starting...
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: Read 848 hostnames from the phishing whitelist
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: Read 4278 hostnames from the phishing blacklist
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: Using SpamAssassin results cache
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: Connected to SpamAssassin cache database
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:19,MailScanner[9707]: Enabling SpamAssassin auto-whitelist functionality...
>>> 19,7,Mar 26 01:06:20,check[9707]: [ 2] [bootup] Logging initiated LogDebugLevel=3 to sys-syslog
>>> 19,7,Mar 26 01:06:21,check[9707]: [ 3] mail 1 is not known spam.
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:24,MailScanner[9713]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner version 4.74.16 starting...
>>> 2,6,Mar 26 01:06:24,MailScanner[9713]: Read 848 hostnames from the phishing whitelist
Is it only showing up in Debian?
I don't have any problems in CentOS, maybe something is broken in a Debian
perl module or the Debian package. Or maybe the Debian package inits too early
and breaks something there?

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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