Change envelope sender for forwarded messages?

John Wilcock john at
Wed Mar 25 13:16:28 GMT 2009

Le 25/03/2009 13:20, Norbert Schmidt a écrit :
> I've done it on postfix with a sender_canonical_map:
> put this into
> sender_canonical_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix-10025/sender_canonical
> and this into the sender_canonical file:
> /^/     new_envelope_sender at
> This will change the envelope sender on all incoming mail. I've routed
> the special mail that needed to be processed through this to a second
> instance of postfix running on port 10025.
> This does the job fine and in our case you even see the unchanged from:
> in the mail.

Thanks, Norbert. That certainly looks like one possible solution. I'll 
also look at Julian's .forward with sendmail -f suggestion, though I'm 
not sure I can use .forward files in conjunction with dovecot deliver 
LDA (which I want to use for sieve filtering).


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