Creating a "global" whitelist

pippo at pippo at
Fri Mar 20 09:06:09 GMT 2009

I use MailScanner since 6 monthes ago, and now I'm starting managing
whitelists. Normally, what I need to do is let messages coming from a
particular user pass untouched regardless the type of potential threat.
I found out that, to achieve these, I need to modify 4 different rules:
content.scanning.rules.conf (defined as 'Dangerous Content Scanning'
spam.whitelist.rules (defined as 'Is Definitely Not Spam' ruleset)
filename.rules (defined as 'Filename rules' ruleset)
filetype.rules (defined as 'Filetype rules' ruleset)

Just for reference the last 2 are defined as explained in MailWatch FAQ
"Why are messages quarantined again when I release them in MailWatch?"
(I don't use MailWatch, but this works anyway for whitelists).

Adding the address to whitelist to all the above 4 files works fine, but
it's a boring taks, expecially if, like me, you have 4 MailScanner
servers in parallel (total of 16 files to modify). So I've 2 (or 3)
Is it possible to define a unique file with a list of addresses and then
have rulesets reference this file ?
Does anyone ever experienced putting ruleset and maybe MailScanner
configuration files on a NFS (shared by different MailScanner servers) ?
And what about Samba (I mean putting the files on a Windows share) ?
Few monthes ago I experienced putting the quarantine on a Samba share
and was not working properly, never tryed with configuration files (I
fear to create service problems on a production environment).

Thanks a lot to everyone.

Massimo Piceni.

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