mailscanner-mrtg giving low virus results with new install

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Thu Mar 19 10:44:31 GMT 2009

Thanks to all for the help.
I checked with MailScanner -Lint and found a number of issues one of the being clamscans location.

I'm using the original configs after running the update on them. So I don't see any reason for the detection of spam being different mmm but will need to review and see what new settings etc there are that we can use .. This is the first time Im working with MailScnner.

What are the pros and cons of the different ways of scanning for viruses clamscan / clamd / perl clam module ?


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Rick Chadderdon wrote on Thu, 19 Mar 2009 04:16:14 -0400:

> Is it possible that your new setup uses RBLs at
> the MTA and the old one did not?  Or /any/ method of dropping messages
> at the MTA?

This is indeed the most likely cause. If you disallow dynamic IP ranges,
wrong HELOs, machines without PTR etc. your incoming virus rate drops to
nearly zero.


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