Office 2007 is a problem for me.

Steve Basford steveb_clamav at
Tue Mar 17 14:38:38 GMT 2009

> Hello,
> MailScanner is working wonderfully, except for Office 2007 files.  I find
> that a lot of these files contain other blocked file contents, and are
> treated just like any other archive.  Has anyone found a way to deal with
> these types of files without having to white list extensions that are
> known
> to be bad?  I'd rather not have to allow *.bin , *.wmf or *.dat files
> through my mailscanner.

As DOCX are zip files they start (PK) 504B and the docx files seems to have
this common hex as the beginning:


So perhaps that could be used to tell the difference between it.. and a
normal Zip archive?

I'll go back to lurking now ;)



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