How to Remove X-headers

Dave C lists at
Thu Mar 12 17:51:50 GMT 2009

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> On 12/3/09 17:22, Kevin Miller wrote:
>>> Glenn wrote:
>>>> Julian - Yes, I tried X-Mime.* and it does not work.
>>>> It seems the X-header limit in Microsoft Exchange is just now
>>>> beginning to cause problems.  There is already a commercial fix for
>>>> Exchange 2007 (, but of
>>>> course we are using Exchange 2003.  So you have at least one
>>>> "people" who could put this functionality to use, and probably
>>>> others will be looking for it soon. Thanks.   -Glenn.
>>> Hmmm.  Maybe it's a subtle way to force you to upgrade?<g> Jeepers,
>>> this looks like a wide open vector for a targeted DDoS attack if one
>>> wanted to take out someone's exchange server.  Scary... 
>> Maybe I should add a random-number generate into the "header" action
>> so you can generate randomly-numbered headers? That would take out an
>> Exchange server pretty quickly :-( 
> Excatly.  Microsoft really needs to come up w/a better solution than 'migrate your users to a new database'.  Someone is going to do exactly that - you can almost bank on it.  Since they're storing the x-headers, you'd think it would be an easy thing to add a date field, and update it when a specific header is seen, then auto clean anything older than say six months.  Not that they'll do such a thing.  Sigh.  Zimbra anyone?
> ...Kevin

We prefer Scalix here... ;)

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