OT: set sendmail client IPv6 address

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Mar 5 22:32:03 GMT 2009

on 3-5-2009 1:38 PM Julian Field spake the following:
> Just found the answer to this after mailing this list.
> CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Family=inet6, Addr=<ipv6-address>')
> is the answer, for anyone else who's interested.
> On 5/3/09 20:47, Julian Field wrote:
>> Apparently Postfix has an option "smtp_bind_address6" which sets the
>> IPv6 source address of outgoing SMTP connections.
>> This is useful if your Postfix server has, like many IPv6-configured
>> boxes, more than 1 IPv6 address.
>> Can you do the same in sendmail?
>> If so, how?
>> In RedHat 5 and presumably CentOS 5, you always get a global IPv6
>> address based on the MAC address of the ethernet card combined with
>> your local IPv6 subnet.
>> We always add another global IPv6 address based on the machine's role
>> as well, so that their IPv6 addresses in the DNS don't depend on the
>> MAC address of the ethernet card. Sensible if you don't want to have
>> to update your DNS just because a network card dies.
>> So how do I either
>> a) Stop RedHat 5 + CentOS 5 creating a global IPv6 address based on
>> the MAC address,
>> and/or
>> b) Set the source IPv6 address of client SMTP connections my mail
>> server makes to the outside world
>> ?
>> All ideas welcome!
>> Cheers,
>> Jules.
> Jules
I just found that, and saw your message just before I hit send.

Sorry, but no IP6 here yet to play with. At least not externally.

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